Circumnavigation on an AMEL 64

Anneliese and Manfred have just finished a circumnavigation aboard their AMEL 64 "Tulasi". After the delivery of the yacht in La Rochelle in 2011 they crossed the Atlantic with the ARC in 2012. Sailing along the US East coast, they reached Maryland, where we joined them in October 2013 for the Annapolis boat show, where Tulasi was displayed. The Pacific part of the ARC took them to the Fiji Islands, and in November 2014 they arrived in New Zealand. Anneliese and Manfred are wonderful ambassadors of the AMEL yachts, they shared their experience during private sailing days in Auckland aboard Tulasi. They sailed later on to Australia, crossed the Indian Ocean down to South Africa, and then crossed the Atlantic again to the Caribbean, where they have now arrived. A 45.000-nm circumnavigation, most of the time only the two of them on board. Looking back on their 4-year navigation, these faithful amelists declared : "While Tulasi was being built, the circumnavigation was not even in our thoughts. But Tulasi gave us much confidence - in the boat and in ourselves, so we set off on the travel !" Link to Tulasi photos : click here