AMEL 55 Cabriolet at sea

AMEL 55 Cabriolet at sea

A selection of the photos made by Gimball Prod a few days ago between Hyères, Porquerolles and Léoube aboard the AMEL 55 Cabriolet:

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May 2014 : departure of AMEL 55 Arctic  "Owl"

May 2014 : departure of AMEL 55 Arctic "Owl"

AMEL 55 ARCTIC "OWL" has just left La Rochelle for a 2-year navigation around the north pole. Her first challenge will be to cross the north-east  and sail in northern Siberia. She will then have to cross the north-west above the American continent, and sail back to La Rochelle. This Amel 55 has been prepared for this expedition and she remains faithful to the AMEL tradition of great comfort !

Follow the expedition on the following link :

Press review : AMEL 55

Press review : AMEL 55

The Swiss magazine Skippers is publishing in the "cruising" pages of her next edition (n°52) a beautiful article written by Jacques Anglès (text and photos).

Click on the following link to access to the article (French version, translation in English will be soon available) :

"Escapade aux Îles d'Or... en Amel 55" 

AMEL 55 Cabriolet

AMEL 55 Cabriolet

The new version of the AMEL 55 was introduced on the last Paris and Düsseldorf boat shows. The cockpit shelter has been redesigned and a convertible version is now available, with a fixed windshield and a foldable bimini, still offering a good protection against water and sun, but with the choice to have a more opened cockpit and steering position. This new version will meet our current and coming customers' demand, giving them the choice between an AMEL 55 with a hardtop option (for extremely well protected navigations) or with a convertible cockpit (to fully enjoy open air).

The aft part of the 55 also has a new design : the bathing platform is larger and now folds up to cover a large part of the transom. The steps aft are also longer. The possibility to install electric davits for the dinghy is still available.

Here are the first photos of the Cabriolet version : click here.    (Copyright photos Nicolas Claris)

The AMEL 55 Cabriolet is available for visits in La Rochelle, and soon in Hyères.

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